Grow NFTrees backed by Real Trees 🌳
Have Fun and make Real World Impact

Fall is often considered the best time of year to plant new trees,
which are the best carbon capture technology in the world.

🌱First NFT that Grows

When you mint an NFTree, you plant a random seedling. It will grow into a mature tree in 60 days. And you will enjoy watching the process! 😍

🌳Backed by Real Trees

We plant real world trees with each NFTree and link them via NFT metadata so that everyone can keep track of them. When you plant an NFTree, you are also planting a real tree.

🌸Botanical Diversity

30 different types of foliage, many different bark textures + procedural generation based on random seeds guarantee the uniqueness of each NFTree.


You can plant an NFTree on any of the following chains: Energy Web Chain, Moonriver, Avalanche and Polygon.

🪙Virtual Carbon Credits

You’ll be able to plant fully grown trees in Sootopia, where they will yield virtual CO₂ removal credits, which can be used in the future economy of Sootopia â€” virtual 3D island which will become a home for CryptoSoots and NFTrees 👀

Stay tuned for more.